Hunters Hill | Retirement Communities

Retirement Communities

Vue Retirement – Real Estate Specialist
39 Alexandra St, Hunters Hill
Glades Bay Gardens  9817-0722
16 Punt Rd, Gladesville
Hunters Hill Congregational Village 9817-2289
8 D’Aram St, Hunters Hill
Hunters Hill Lodge  9879-6355
43 Gladesville Rd, Hunters Hill
The Heritage 9817-5222
35 Gladesville Rd, Hunters Hill
The Montefiore Home 9879-2777
120 High St, Hunters Hill
Wurley Court 9299-3951
8 Passy Ave, Hunters Hill
Woolwich Retirement Village 1800-024-915
11 Gladstone Ave, Woolwich
Caroline Chisholm Retirement Village 9427-4441
40a Cope Street Lane Cove
Caroline Chisholm Nursing Home 9428-2466
274 Burns Bay Road Lane Cove

Hunters Hill | School &Child Care

Schools & Child Care

High Schools

Hunters Hill High School  9817-4785
Reiby Rd, Hunters Hill
Marist Sisters College  9816-2041
66a Woolwich Rd, Woolwich
St Joseph’s College  9816-0900
Mark St, Hunters Hill
Abbotsleigh School for Girls  9473-7777
1666 Pacific Hwy, Wahroonga
Kambala Girls School  9388-6777
New South Head Road, Rose Bay
Loreto Kirribilli 9957-4722
85 Carabella St, Kirribilli
Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College 9409-6200
128 Miller St, North Sydney
Newington College 9568-9333
200 Stanmore Road, Stanmore
Presbyterian Ladies College Sydney 9704-5666
Boundary Street, Croydon
Riverside Girls High  9816-4264
Huntleys Point Rd, Gladesville
SCEGGS Darlinghurst  9332-1133
Scots College  9391-7600
Victoria Rd, Bellevue Hill
Shore Grammar School  9923-2277
Blues Point Rd, North Sydney
St Andrew’s Cathedral School 9286-9500
Sydney Square, Sydney (Co-Ed)
St Ignatius’ (Riverview) College  9882-8222
Lane Cove
Tara Anglican School for Girls  9630-6655
Masons Dr, Nth Parramatta
The Kings School  9683-8555
Pennant Hill Rd, Nth Parramatta
Trinity Grammar School  9581-6000
119 Prospect Rd, Summer Hill

Primary Schools

Our Lady Queen of Peace 9817-4230
Oxford St, Gladesville
Villa Maria Parish School  9879-6100
Mark St, Hunters Hill
St Andrew’s Cathedral School  9286-9500
Sydney Square, Sydney (Co-Ed)
St Ignatius’ (Riverview) Junior School  9882-8306
Lane Cove
Presbyterian Ladies College Sydney  9704-5666
Boundary Street, Croydon
Hunters Hill Public School  9816-4404
Alexandra St, Hunters Hill
Gladesville Public School 9817-2388
Victoria Rd, Gladesville
Boronia Park Public School 9817-2778
Pittwater Rd, Hunters Hill


*Hunters Hill Pre-school, 9817-1871
9 Church St, Hunters Hill
Riverside Pre-school  9816-3384
2a Crown St, Henley
Kids Cottage Pre-school 9879-7977
329 Victoria Rd, Gladesville
Christ Church Pre-school  9817-4946
1B Western Cr, Gladesville
Tennyson Pre-school 9879-4296
15a Stanbury St, Gladesville

*Must enrol your child on the day they turn two.

Child Care

Hunters Hill P & C
Before & After School Care
HH Public School
Gladesville Before &
After School Care
178 Victoria Rd, Gladesville
Kids Cottage of Gladesville  9879-7977
329 Victoria Rd, Gladesville
Occasional Child Care  9817-2345
6 Pittwater Rd, Gladesville
Henley Long Day Care Centre 9879-7694
1a Crown St, Gladesville
Boronia Park Care Centre 9817-3309
113 Pittwater Rd, Hunters Hill


All Saint’s Playgroup  9817-2167
Fridays 10am – 12pm
Church Hall, Ambrose St, Hunters Hill
St Mark’s Playgroup 9363-3657
Wednesdays 10am – 12pm
Church Hall, Figtree Rd, Hunters Hill
Figtree Playgroup  9817-5979
Mondays & Wednesdays 10am – 12pm
Fairland Hall, 14 Church St, Hunters Hill

After School Care

Kids Alive  0407-438-990
Friday afternoons 3.00pm – 5.00pm
Congregational Church Hall
Cnr Ferdinand & Alexandra St, Hunters Hill

Early Childhood Health Centres

9 Church St, Hunters Hill
(open on Thursdays by appointment) 
6 Pittwater Rd, Gladesville  9817-2337

Hunters Hill | Shopping Centre

Shopping Centres

Woolworths Metro  9816-1464
130 Pittwater Rd, Boronia Park
Harris Farm Market 9394-3260
126-128 Pittwater Rd, Boronia Park
Hunters Hill IGA Supermarket  9817-6789
45 Gladesville Rd, Hunters Hill
Drummoyne IGA Supermarket 9181-4744
Shop 1, Sutton Pl, Drummoyne
Coles  9816-5695
Gladesville Shopping Village, Gladesville
Woolworths 9420-0134
24-28 Burns Bay Rd, Lane Cove
Birkenhead Point Shopping Centre  9181-2737
19a Roseby St, Drummoyne
Myer Westfield Shopping Town 9412-0111
Westfield Shopping Town  9412-1555
Chatswood Chase 9422-5316
Top Ryde City Shopping Centre 9808-8888
Macquarie Centre  9887-0800

Hunters Hill | Theatres/Cinemas


Hunters Hill Theatre  9879-7765
13 Margaret Street Woolwich
Opera House 9250-7111
Circular Quay, Sydney
State Theatre  9373-6852
49 Market Street, Sydney
Event Cinemas 8879-3500
Macquarie Centre
Event Cinemas 8878-1200
Top Ryde
Hoyts Cinemas 9884-8588
Westfield Chatswood
Event Cinemas  9273-7300
George Street, Sydney

Hunters Hill | Other Waste and Resource Recovery Information

Hunters Hill Council Recycling and Waste Collection Zones

Zones of Streets in Alphabetical Order

Abbey Street Thursday Zone A
Abigail Street Wednesday Zone A
Ady Street  Monday Zone A
57-79 Alexandra Street  Monday Zone A
2-88 Alexandra Street  Monday Zone A
1-55 Alexandra Street  Monday Zone B
Alfred Street  Tuesday Zone B
Ambrose Street Monday Zone B 
Angelo Street  Tuesday Zone A
Aspinal Place  Tuesday Zone A
Ashton Street   Thursday Zone A
Auburn Street  Thursday Zone A
Augustine Street  Thursday Zone A
Avenue Road    Wednesday Zone A
Barons Crescent  Friday Zone A
36-60 Batesman Road  Thursday Zone A
1-73 Batesman Road  Thursday Zone B
2-34 Batesman Road  Thursday Zone B
Bayview Crescent  Wednesday Zone B
2-8 Blaxland Street   Thursday Zone A
27-67 Blaxland Street   Friday Zone A
36A-74 Blaxland Street   Friday Zone A
10-34 Blaxland Street   Friday Zone B
1-21 Blaxland Street   Friday Zone B
Bonnefin Road  Friday Zone B
Boronia Avenue  Friday Zone B
Brookes Street   Tuesday Zone A
Browns Lane  Monday Zone A
Campbell Street   Monday Zone A
Centenary Avenue  Wednesday Zone B
Chevalier Crescent  Tuesday Zone B
12-28 Church Street   Monday Zone A
5-35 Church Street   Monday Zone B
Clarke Road  Tuesday Zone B
Collingwood Street  Tuesday Zone A
Cowell Street  Thursday Zone B
Crescent Street   Tuesday Zone A
Croissy Avenue  Monday Zone B
Crown Street   Wednesday Zone B
Cullens Lane  Monday Zone A
D’Aram Street   Monday Zone A
De Milhau Road  Wednesday Zone B
Dick Street   Wednesday Zone B
Downing Place  Thursday Zone B
Durham Street   Monday Zone B
24-38 Earl Street   Friday Zone A
27-51 Earl Street  Friday Zone A
1-23 Earl Street   Friday Zone B
2-22A Earl Street  Friday Zone B
Earnshaw Street  Thursday Zone A
Edgecliff Road  Tuesday Zone B
Elgin Street  Tuesday Zone B
Ellesmere Avenue  Monday Zone B
Ernest Lane  Monday Zone A
Ernest Street  Monday Zone A
Euthella Avenue  Wednesday Zone B
Everand Street  Thursday Zone A
27-55 Farnell Street  Friday Zone A
30-58 Farnell Street  Friday Zone A
1-25 Farnell Street  Friday Zone B
2-28 Farnell Street  Friday Zone B
Ferdinand Street  Monday Zone A
Fern Road  Tuesday Zone B
Ferry Street   Monday Zone B
Figtree Road  Wednesday Zone A
Flagstaff Street  Thursday Zone B
Fozz Street  Monday Zone B
Francis Street   Tuesday Zone B
Franki Avenue  Tuesday Zone B
Fryar Place  Wednesday Zone B
Futuna Street  Tuesday Zone A
Gale Street  Tuesday Zone A
Garrick Avenue  Tuesday Zone A
Gaza Avenue  Friday Zone A
George Street  Wednesday Zone B
Gladesville Road  Wednesday Zone A
1-9 Gladstone Avenue  Tuesday Zone B
10-13 Gladstone Avenue  Tuesday Zone A
11 Gladstone Avenue  Tuesday Zone A
2-8 Gladstone Avenue  Tuesday Zone B
Glenview Crescent  Tuesday Zone B
Glenview Road  Tuesday Zone B
Gray Street  Wednesday Zone B
Health Lane  Monday Zone B
Herberton Avenue  Monday Zone B
37-67 High Street  Friday Zone A
56A-118 High Street  Friday Zone A
Hillcrest Avenue  Thursday Zone B
Howard Place   Wednesday Zone B
Hunter Street  Tuesday Zone A
Huntleys Point Road  Wednesday Zone B
Isler Street  Thursday Zone B
James Street  Wednesday Zone A
Jeanneret Avenue  Tuesday Zone B
John Street  Wednesday Zone A
Johnson Street  Wednesday Zone A
Joly Parade  Wednesday Zone B
Joubert Street South  Wednesday Zone B
Jourbert Street North  Wednesday Zone A
Junction Street  Thursday Zone B
Jupiter Street  Thursday Zone A
Kareelah Road  Monday Zone A
Karrabee Avenue  Wednesday Zone B
Keeyuga Road  Wednesday Zone B
Kelly Street  Wednesday Zone B
King Street  Wednesday Zone B
Kokera Street  Monday Zone A
Le Vesinet Dr  Tuesday Zone B
Leo Street  Thursday Zone A
Lloyd Avenue  Monday Zone A
Lot Lane  Monday Zone A
Luke Street  Wednesday Zone A
Lyndhurst Crescent   Monday Zone B
Lyndhurst Walk  Monday Zone B
Madeline Street   Monday Zone A
Markinson Street  Thursday Zone A
1-11 Manning Road  Wednesday Zone B
40-52 Manning Road  Wednesday Zone B
2-38 Manning Street  Thursday Zone B
Margaret Street  Tuesday Zone B
Mark Street  Wednesday Zone A
Mars Street  Thursday Zone A
1 Martha Street  Monday Zone A
3-7 Martha Street  Monday Zone B
Martin Street  Wednesday Zone A
13-29 Mary Street  Wednesday Zone A
28-82 Mary Street  Wednesday Zone A
1-3A Mary Street  Wednesday Zone B
2-26 Mary Street  Wednesday Zone B
Massey Lane  Thursday Zone B
1-39 Massey Road  Thursday Zone B
2-24 Massey Road  Thursday Zone B
26-38 Massey Street  Thursday Zone A
41-57 Massey Street  Thursday Zone A
Matthew Street  Wednesday Zone A
Mayfield Avenue  Tuesday Zone A
McBride Avenue  Monday Zone A
Merrington Place  Tuesdy Zone B
Meyers Avenue  Friday Zone A
Milling Street  Thursday Zone A
Moorefield Av  Monday Zone B
Mortimer Lewis Drive  Wednesday Zone B
1-9 Mount Street  Monday Zone B
2-10 Mount Street  Monday Zone B
12A-24 Mount Street  Monday Zone A
11-33 Mount Street  Monday Zone A
Mt Morris Street  Tuesday Zone A
Muirbank Avenue  Monday Zone B
Nelson Parade  Tuesday Zone B
Nemba Street  Monday Zone A
North Parade   Monday Zone A
Northumberland St  Tuesday Zone A
Note Street  Friday Zone B
Pains Road  Friday Zone A
40-90A Park Road  Friday Zone A
75-99 Park Road  Friday Zone A
2-38 Park Road  Friday Zone B
Passy Avenue  Monday Zone B
Paul Street  Wednesday Zone A
Pitt Street  Wednesday Zone B
35-81 Pittwater Road  Thursday Zone A
1-33 Pittwater Road  Thursday Zone A
115-175 Pittwater Road  Friday Zone A
81A-93 Pittwater Road  Friday Zone B
Prince Edward Parade  Tuesday Zone B
Prince Edward Street  Thursday Zone B
Prince George Parade  Tuesday Zone B
1-45 Princes Street  Friday Zone A
2-42 Princes Street  Friday Zone B
Ramleh Street  Friday Zone A
Reiby Road  Monday Zone A
Reserve Street   Wednesday Zone A
Richmond Cr  Wednesday Zone B
Rocher Avenue  Wednesday Zone B
Rooke Lane  Tuesday Zone A
Rooke Street  Tuesday Zone A
1-97 Ryde Road  Wednesday Zone A
2-42 Ryde Road  Wednesday Zone A
44-100 Ryde Road  Friday Zone B
99-155 Ryde Road  Friday Zone B
Salter Street   Thursday Zone B
Sea Street  Monday Zone A
Serpentine Road  Tuesday Zone A
Sherwin Street  Wednesday Zone B
Short Street  Wednesday Zone A
St Ives Avenue  Tuesday Zone A
St Malo Avenue  Tuesday Zone B
Stanley Lane  Monday Zone B
Stanley Road  Monday Zone B
Sunnyside Street  Thursday Zone B
Tarban Street  Thursday Zone B
The Avenue  Monday Zone A
The Close  Monday Zone B
The Point Road  Tuesday Zone A
Thorn Street  Friday Zone A
Tiree Avenue  Tuesday Zone B
Toocooya Lane  Monday Zone B
Toocooya Road  Monday Zone B
Valentia Street  Tuesday Zone B
1-17 Venus Street  Thursday Zone A
2-14 Venus Street  Thursday Zone B
Vernon Street  Tuesday Zone A
103 Victoria Road  Wednesday Zone B
105-263 Victoria Road  Thursday Zone B
View Street  Tuesday Zone A
Viret Street  Monday Zone A
Wallace Avenue  Thursday Zone A
Wandella Avenue  Monday Zone B
Waruda Place  Wednesday Zone B
Werambie Street  Tuesday Zone A
William Street  Wednesday Zone B
Windeyer Avenue  Thursday Zone B
Woodward Road  Monday Zone B
1-3B Woolwich Road  Monday Zone B
2-10 Woolwich Road  Monday Zone B
12-102 Woolwich Road  Tuesday Zone A
5-103 Woolwich Road  Tuesday Zone B
Wybalena Road  Tuesday Zone B
Yerton Avenue  Monday Zone B


We would like to testify that Sharon Vincent of Hunters Buyers Agents, has been an excellent buyers agent for us.

After giving Sharon a brief description of our “wish List”, Sharon researched over many months and thought “outside the box” to achieve finding our fantastic new home.

Our new property has everything that we had hoped for and more.
We are extremely happy in our new property.

We would thoroughly recommend Sharon as a Buyers Agent.

David and Vicki
Hunters Hill