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Reduce Your Stress; Save Time & Money

We know you don’t save money if you pay too much.

1.   We have decades of actual real estate experience to draw on. Our agents have more than 30 years each of continual transactions for our clients, giving us an edge that is exceptionally valuable to our clients wanting to purchase on the Gold Coast.

2.   Do we save you money? Yes. We believe our negotiation skills and knowledge of the market save you both time and money over your transaction. Why do we believe this?  Because our track record and previous clients will attest to our sage advice as their advisors and representatives. We deliver impressive results.

3.   We pride ourselves on attention to detail. Knowing what our client wants in their property purchase is paramount to us. The number one consideration is location. Securing the right property in the best location within budget is our objective. Always, every time. Find it, negotiate the best price, terms and conditions and most importantly secure it. There is no prize for second place in a real estate transaction.

4.  Sales agents’ websites promote the importance of location when selling a property. We know that. We also know that they are working hard to market their client’s property to get the property sold. We are working hard to achieve the best possible result for our client. The buyer, the qualified, ready to transact genuine customer employs us to represent them. We don’t waste anyone’s time and we don’t waste anyone’s money. The focus is on the best possible outcome in securing the right property on the Gold Coast.

5.   Contact us now for a confidential discussion about what we can achieve for you.

How much more they could bring to the table

Wow! We decided to enlist the help of a Buyer’s Agent to make the most of their knowledge of the current real estate market. I did not anticipate just how much more they could bring to the table.

From our very first phone call everything was so smooth, they gave us information we didn’t even know we needed, used their connections and rapport with real estate agents to our advantage, asked us questions that guided us to what we wanted, connected us to sort out finance with ease, and really listened to our wants and needs for a property as they grew and changed with every place we looked at.

They made themselves available 24/7 and nothing was too much trouble. The process was QUICK. I cannot believe that we have secured our property in such a short time frame and with such little stress. Doug is amazing bidding at auctions. They take good care of you and genuinely show that they care.

Thank you Sharon & Douglas!

Chelsea Lawther

Hunters Buyers Agents | Located on the Gold Coast. We are focused on Securing the Right Property for Our Clients

Invest in a Gold Coast property, your family will love it.

We know that the property market takes both time and practice to understand. Sharon and Douglas Vincent have both had more than thirty years experience as licensed real estate agents, property managers and advisors. We are able to help you make the best decisions to find the right Gold Coast property and secure it at the right price.

Why Use A Buyer’s Agent?

Most people don’t get a chance to practice buying a home or investing in property. When it can be one of the most costly investments of your lifetime, having help and decades of experience on your side can be the difference in $100,000s to you as well as weeks or months of your time searching. By engaging us, we work for you and act in your best interest ensuring we secure a Gold Coast property that best meets your requirements. We use our wealth of knowledge and negotiating skills to achieve the best result for you.

Buyers Agents Work For The Buyer!

If confidentiality, your time and the location you desire are important to you, this is where we can help. We have successfully represented many people including industry leaders, entrepreneurs, busy professionals, actors, doctors, lawyers, nurses, other agents, retirees, investors, developers as well as clients living in country areas, interstate and overseas. Our personalised and professional service covers all phases of the property purchasing process.

We deliver.

The Gold Coast, QLD

Walking on the sand - Gold Coast
Living On The Gold Coast

Living on the Gold Coast offers people the benefits of an extraordinary lifestyle. The real estate market on the Gold Coast provides many people the opportunity to own their own home. Taking advantage of an experienced buyer’s agent is a wise move. There are an abundance of desirable properties available when you use the services of Douglas and Sharon Vincent.

The Gold Coast is a coastal city in the Australian state of Queensland, approximately 66 kilometres (41 mi) south-southeast of the centre of state capital Brisbane and immediately north of the border with New South Wales. The demonym for the Gold Coast is Gold Coaster. With an estimated population of 679,127,[1] at June 2019 (including 79,001 in the adjacent Tweed Valley of New South Wales), the Gold Coast is the sixth-largest city in Australia, making it the largest non-capital city, and Queensland’s second-largest city.[3]

Gold Coast is a major tourist destination with a sunny, subtropical climate and has become widely known for its world-class surfing beaches, high-rise dominated skyline, theme parks, nightlife, and rainforest hinterland. The city is part of the nation’s entertainment industry with television productions and a major film industry. The city hosted the 2018 Commonwealth Games which ran from 4 to 15 April 2018.




Hunters Buyers Agents is a licensed Buyers Agency acting for property buyers operated by Douglas and Sharon Vincent. Our personalised and professional service covers all phases of the purchasing process. We specialise in searching, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of property on behalf of buyers looking to buy on the Gold Coast. We have found that with our experience we have saved our clients money, time and the stress involved in buying property.

Douglas and Sharon work together to ensure that the clients of Hunters Buyers Agents not only have access to property listed for sale by real estate agents, but often to other unlisted properties before they go on the market.

Hunters Buyers Agents can give you the upper hand by their understanding of the auction process, bidding tactics and by not being emotionally involved in the auction or negotiation process. For investors, our fees could be tax deductible. Check with your accountant for advice specific to your situation.

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