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At Astute Financial Manly (Sydney), we have had wonderful success engaging with Douglas and Sharon Vincent from Hunters Buyers Agents.

Our history dates back to 2001 where we have been following and engaging with them throughout their Real Estate Business.

At Astute Financial, we specialise in all areas of lending. Whilst we can always find our clients great value in their home loan needs, great rates, great overall packages, some of the biggest challenges our clients have is finding that right property to purchase. Our mutual success occurs once the client has secured the right property.

This though, is a far greater challenge when engaging from afar! Whether you are looking for that perfect home to relocate to, or a sound investment, or a holiday home. In comes, Hunters Buyers Agents, Gold Coast.

Some recent examples and success stories of our clients…

Client 1: Moving interstate!

Having had a pre-approval in place, all finances lined up, this young family was ready to pounce on their dream home, relocating from a Sydney seaside apartment, to beachside Gold Coast! With the challenges of getting up north for many a viewing, we recommended engaging Hunters Buyers Agents. One of the parties found and flew up to see that perfect online property, which was not so perfect for them after all! (We all know the photos don’t tell the whole story). What happened next was extraordinary. Same location, same street, a new auction listing appeared and Hunters successfully negotiated the purchase for this client at the auction for $200,000 less than the other property which sold the following day.

Client 2: First time buyer!

The hardest thing for any first home buyer is getting finance (and amount) on their first purchase! Once you are in, you are in!!!

However, this first home buyer needed some guidance, as he was not only keen for his first purchase, but wanted to make sure his purchase would also make for a good investment. Engaging with Hunters Buyers Agents not only sourced a great off market property for a price he was not aware he could afford in the location he wanted, but Hunters got him a quality property, with great rental return.

Client 3: Busy Clients!

A young Gold Coast couple working in hospitality were unavailable to inspect properties and were referred to us and Hunters Buyers Agents by one of our clients. They engaged Douglas & Sharon to find them their first home. In a very short space of time, they purchased the ideal two level duplex at auction after Douglas bid on their behalf as well as negotiating great terms.

Client 4: The investor!!!

Hard working single Mum with the ability, equity, and income to buy an investment, but just no time to look for it! Engaging Hunters Buyers Agents with a brief, a budget, and a general location, opened up new opportunities and a solid unit was found, negotiated, and settled within only a few weeks of introduction. Currently this property provides excellent yield and sound prospects for a solid sale price in the future with developments surrounding making this lovely, but older small unit block an appealing investment opportunity. A very happy client with a sound cash flow position and a realisation that strong returns are a strong possibility due to the expertise and negotiations from Hunters Buyers Agents.

At Astute Financial Manly (Sydney), we have many more success stories and look forward to our relationship with our clients and the value Hunters Buyers Agents brings to them continuing to flourish into the years ahead.

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Douglas Vincent

Qualifications: Douglas Vincent:

  • Licensed Real Estate Agent since 1980
  • Licensed Real Estate - QLD Lic No: 4671146
  • Certificate IV in WorkPlace Training and Assessment