Hunters Hill | Other Waste and Resource Recovery Information

Hunters Hill Council Recycling and Waste Collection Zones

Zones of Streets in Alphabetical Order

Abbey Street Thursday Zone A
Abigail Street Wednesday Zone A
Ady Street  Monday Zone A
57-79 Alexandra Street  Monday Zone A
2-88 Alexandra Street  Monday Zone A
1-55 Alexandra Street  Monday Zone B
Alfred Street  Tuesday Zone B
Ambrose Street Monday Zone B 
Angelo Street  Tuesday Zone A
Aspinal Place  Tuesday Zone A
Ashton Street   Thursday Zone A
Auburn Street  Thursday Zone A
Augustine Street  Thursday Zone A
Avenue Road    Wednesday Zone A
Barons Crescent  Friday Zone A
36-60 Batesman Road  Thursday Zone A
1-73 Batesman Road  Thursday Zone B
2-34 Batesman Road  Thursday Zone B
Bayview Crescent  Wednesday Zone B
2-8 Blaxland Street   Thursday Zone A
27-67 Blaxland Street   Friday Zone A
36A-74 Blaxland Street   Friday Zone A
10-34 Blaxland Street   Friday Zone B
1-21 Blaxland Street   Friday Zone B
Bonnefin Road  Friday Zone B
Boronia Avenue  Friday Zone B
Brookes Street   Tuesday Zone A
Browns Lane  Monday Zone A
Campbell Street   Monday Zone A
Centenary Avenue  Wednesday Zone B
Chevalier Crescent  Tuesday Zone B
12-28 Church Street   Monday Zone A
5-35 Church Street   Monday Zone B
Clarke Road  Tuesday Zone B
Collingwood Street  Tuesday Zone A
Cowell Street  Thursday Zone B
Crescent Street   Tuesday Zone A
Croissy Avenue  Monday Zone B
Crown Street   Wednesday Zone B
Cullens Lane  Monday Zone A
D’Aram Street   Monday Zone A
De Milhau Road  Wednesday Zone B
Dick Street   Wednesday Zone B
Downing Place  Thursday Zone B
Durham Street   Monday Zone B
24-38 Earl Street   Friday Zone A
27-51 Earl Street  Friday Zone A
1-23 Earl Street   Friday Zone B
2-22A Earl Street  Friday Zone B
Earnshaw Street  Thursday Zone A
Edgecliff Road  Tuesday Zone B
Elgin Street  Tuesday Zone B
Ellesmere Avenue  Monday Zone B
Ernest Lane  Monday Zone A
Ernest Street  Monday Zone A
Euthella Avenue  Wednesday Zone B
Everand Street  Thursday Zone A
27-55 Farnell Street  Friday Zone A
30-58 Farnell Street  Friday Zone A
1-25 Farnell Street  Friday Zone B
2-28 Farnell Street  Friday Zone B
Ferdinand Street  Monday Zone A
Fern Road  Tuesday Zone B
Ferry Street   Monday Zone B
Figtree Road  Wednesday Zone A
Flagstaff Street  Thursday Zone B
Fozz Street  Monday Zone B
Francis Street   Tuesday Zone B
Franki Avenue  Tuesday Zone B
Fryar Place  Wednesday Zone B
Futuna Street  Tuesday Zone A
Gale Street  Tuesday Zone A
Garrick Avenue  Tuesday Zone A
Gaza Avenue  Friday Zone A
George Street  Wednesday Zone B
Gladesville Road  Wednesday Zone A
1-9 Gladstone Avenue  Tuesday Zone B
10-13 Gladstone Avenue  Tuesday Zone A
11 Gladstone Avenue  Tuesday Zone A
2-8 Gladstone Avenue  Tuesday Zone B
Glenview Crescent  Tuesday Zone B
Glenview Road  Tuesday Zone B
Gray Street  Wednesday Zone B
Health Lane  Monday Zone B
Herberton Avenue  Monday Zone B
37-67 High Street  Friday Zone A
56A-118 High Street  Friday Zone A
Hillcrest Avenue  Thursday Zone B
Howard Place   Wednesday Zone B
Hunter Street  Tuesday Zone A
Huntleys Point Road  Wednesday Zone B
Isler Street  Thursday Zone B
James Street  Wednesday Zone A
Jeanneret Avenue  Tuesday Zone B
John Street  Wednesday Zone A
Johnson Street  Wednesday Zone A
Joly Parade  Wednesday Zone B
Joubert Street South  Wednesday Zone B
Jourbert Street North  Wednesday Zone A
Junction Street  Thursday Zone B
Jupiter Street  Thursday Zone A
Kareelah Road  Monday Zone A
Karrabee Avenue  Wednesday Zone B
Keeyuga Road  Wednesday Zone B
Kelly Street  Wednesday Zone B
King Street  Wednesday Zone B
Kokera Street  Monday Zone A
Le Vesinet Dr  Tuesday Zone B
Leo Street  Thursday Zone A
Lloyd Avenue  Monday Zone A
Lot Lane  Monday Zone A
Luke Street  Wednesday Zone A
Lyndhurst Crescent   Monday Zone B
Lyndhurst Walk  Monday Zone B
Madeline Street   Monday Zone A
Markinson Street  Thursday Zone A
1-11 Manning Road  Wednesday Zone B
40-52 Manning Road  Wednesday Zone B
2-38 Manning Street  Thursday Zone B
Margaret Street  Tuesday Zone B
Mark Street  Wednesday Zone A
Mars Street  Thursday Zone A
1 Martha Street  Monday Zone A
3-7 Martha Street  Monday Zone B
Martin Street  Wednesday Zone A
13-29 Mary Street  Wednesday Zone A
28-82 Mary Street  Wednesday Zone A
1-3A Mary Street  Wednesday Zone B
2-26 Mary Street  Wednesday Zone B
Massey Lane  Thursday Zone B
1-39 Massey Road  Thursday Zone B
2-24 Massey Road  Thursday Zone B
26-38 Massey Street  Thursday Zone A
41-57 Massey Street  Thursday Zone A
Matthew Street  Wednesday Zone A
Mayfield Avenue  Tuesday Zone A
McBride Avenue  Monday Zone A
Merrington Place  Tuesdy Zone B
Meyers Avenue  Friday Zone A
Milling Street  Thursday Zone A
Moorefield Av  Monday Zone B
Mortimer Lewis Drive  Wednesday Zone B
1-9 Mount Street  Monday Zone B
2-10 Mount Street  Monday Zone B
12A-24 Mount Street  Monday Zone A
11-33 Mount Street  Monday Zone A
Mt Morris Street  Tuesday Zone A
Muirbank Avenue  Monday Zone B
Nelson Parade  Tuesday Zone B
Nemba Street  Monday Zone A
North Parade   Monday Zone A
Northumberland St  Tuesday Zone A
Note Street  Friday Zone B
Pains Road  Friday Zone A
40-90A Park Road  Friday Zone A
75-99 Park Road  Friday Zone A
2-38 Park Road  Friday Zone B
Passy Avenue  Monday Zone B
Paul Street  Wednesday Zone A
Pitt Street  Wednesday Zone B
35-81 Pittwater Road  Thursday Zone A
1-33 Pittwater Road  Thursday Zone A
115-175 Pittwater Road  Friday Zone A
81A-93 Pittwater Road  Friday Zone B
Prince Edward Parade  Tuesday Zone B
Prince Edward Street  Thursday Zone B
Prince George Parade  Tuesday Zone B
1-45 Princes Street  Friday Zone A
2-42 Princes Street  Friday Zone B
Ramleh Street  Friday Zone A
Reiby Road  Monday Zone A
Reserve Street   Wednesday Zone A
Richmond Cr  Wednesday Zone B
Rocher Avenue  Wednesday Zone B
Rooke Lane  Tuesday Zone A
Rooke Street  Tuesday Zone A
1-97 Ryde Road  Wednesday Zone A
2-42 Ryde Road  Wednesday Zone A
44-100 Ryde Road  Friday Zone B
99-155 Ryde Road  Friday Zone B
Salter Street   Thursday Zone B
Sea Street  Monday Zone A
Serpentine Road  Tuesday Zone A
Sherwin Street  Wednesday Zone B
Short Street  Wednesday Zone A
St Ives Avenue  Tuesday Zone A
St Malo Avenue  Tuesday Zone B
Stanley Lane  Monday Zone B
Stanley Road  Monday Zone B
Sunnyside Street  Thursday Zone B
Tarban Street  Thursday Zone B
The Avenue  Monday Zone A
The Close  Monday Zone B
The Point Road  Tuesday Zone A
Thorn Street  Friday Zone A
Tiree Avenue  Tuesday Zone B
Toocooya Lane  Monday Zone B
Toocooya Road  Monday Zone B
Valentia Street  Tuesday Zone B
1-17 Venus Street  Thursday Zone A
2-14 Venus Street  Thursday Zone B
Vernon Street  Tuesday Zone A
103 Victoria Road  Wednesday Zone B
105-263 Victoria Road  Thursday Zone B
View Street  Tuesday Zone A
Viret Street  Monday Zone A
Wallace Avenue  Thursday Zone A
Wandella Avenue  Monday Zone B
Waruda Place  Wednesday Zone B
Werambie Street  Tuesday Zone A
William Street  Wednesday Zone B
Windeyer Avenue  Thursday Zone B
Woodward Road  Monday Zone B
1-3B Woolwich Road  Monday Zone B
2-10 Woolwich Road  Monday Zone B
12-102 Woolwich Road  Tuesday Zone A
5-103 Woolwich Road  Tuesday Zone B
Wybalena Road  Tuesday Zone B
Yerton Avenue  Monday Zone B

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